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Check out our videos and quick connection tips to help setup your VanDerWaals purse.

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Connection Tips

  • Download the VanDerWaals app on your phone.
  • Make sure your VanDerWaals bag is charged. Place VanDerWaals wireless charging pad onto the back of the bag and plug the VanDerWaals pad in to a wall charger. You will see blue light or blinking red light on in the VanDerWaals pad while it is charging.
  • Select the bag after your download and open app.
  • Hit the bag icon on the top left to turn on your VanDerWaals bag, and you will be all set!

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Make sure bluetooth is turned on in you phone’s setting.
  • Make sure your VanDerWaals bag is charged.
  • If things are still not working, disconnect the VanDerWaals purse in the VDW app and follow steps to setup connections between the purse and the phone.
  • Still having trouble?
    Contact us at info@van-der-waals.com or +1 (718) 679-3604 available M-F from: 9am to 6pm ET.